Companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease costs. They’re hiring wellness coaches, building healthy eating facilities, and encouraging employees to exercise regularly. 

To help companies plan these initiatives, mobile apps have been developed to create the new aspect of workplace wellbeing program, track your exercise habits, and encourage you to meet weekly goals.

A New Wave of Wellness Apps

Wellness apps are a new wave of corporate wellness programs. They're more interactive, fun and engaging than traditional programs, which often consist of an annual health assessment and some brochures on how to get fit at home.

Wellness apps can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • To track steps taken during the day or calories burned
  • To set goals for yourself and keep track of your progress toward achieving those goals
  • To help you stay motivated by challenging yourself with daily tasks (like walking 10k steps) or weekly challenges (like running 5k)
  • As a way to motivate team competitions between departments or teams within your organisation

The benefits of workplace wellness apps

If you've ever used one of the many workplace wellbeing program apps available, then you'll agree with me when I say that these tools are great for helping employees to improve their health and wellbeing. They can help people stay motivated and on track, make positive life changes, or even feel better about themselves.

Wellness apps offer a variety of features: they can track steps taken per day; log food intake (and calories); motivate through reminders or tips; provide workouts tailored to each user's needs; connect users with other people who share similar goals; encourage social interaction by allowing them to share photos and stories from events they attend together - all while reminding users why they're doing what they do!

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Ways to use wellness apps at the corporate level

If you're a company looking to bring workplace wellbeing program with the help of apps, there are several ways that these tools can be used. Here are some of the most common ways:

  • Track your progress. Whether it's through an app that tracks steps or one that allows you to log what you eat, employees can use these tools to track their activity levels and diet habits. 
  • Find motivation when things get tough. If an employee finds himself struggling with reaching his goal- losing weight or quitting smoking- he may need some extra motivation along the way. 
  • Wellness apps offer users reminders about upcoming deadlines and prompts for checking in on their progress; this helps keep them motivated during times when they might otherwise give up on their efforts altogether.


While we're all aware that technology can be a double-edged sword, its positive impact on employee wellbeing and productivity is undeniable. Wellness apps are a great way that can be included in workplace wellbeing program to engage employees in their health and well-being, as well as help them understand how the company cares about them as individuals.